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Commercial asbestos removal

We all know the risks when it comes to asbestos exposure, so make sure your staff and your clients are safe and remove it from the workplace. Contact our team at M J W Asbestos Removal Services in Nottingham for a free quote.

Our clients:

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Nottinghamshire County Council
Leicestershire County Council
Balfour Beatty
Derbyshire County Council

An efficient asbestos removal service

After over 20 years in the trade, we know what it takes to remove asbestos safely and responsibly so that our clients and their property are safe from the dangers. We offer great customer service and support throughout the work we do, from the initial enquiry stage right through to the removal. Based in the East Midlands, we cater for a wide area, including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.


Our competitive prices and high customer satisfaction levels mean we're often the number one choice for many in the region, providing industry guidance, support and solutions. We also offer a re-insulation service and can cater for a range of different circumstances.

Our dedicated and helpful team are more than happy to answer any of your questions so please give us a call on 0115 972 0145, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

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Free quote

Our commercial services

The process for safely and effectively removing asbestos is invariably consistent but the context for that removal can be very different. It may be that asbestos is exposed during proposed demolition work or as a result of a fire, for example. Whatever the situation, our capable team at M J W Asbestos Removal Services can take care of the issue so that you can resume work on your project without any undue disruption to your schedule.

1. Pre-demolition

Keeping to tight deadlines is essential in any project. Our experience on pre-demolition projects - whether it's anything from a school to a residential property - ensures we can effectively work alongside other contractors to keep progress on track.

During demolition projects, previously hidden asbestos material can be discovered. It’s important to have a company that can respond in these instances so that asbestos can be promptly removed from the site. M J W have a professional and dedicated team that can do that for you.

2. Refurbishment

During bigger commercial projects, the need for contractors to work alongside each other is key, in order to ensure a smooth and successful completion.

The detection of asbestos can often delay projects and put a strain on tight timescales. Here at M J W, we work with our clients to find a solution that deals with the asbestos as efficiently as possible so that disruption is kept to a minimum.

3. Fire damage

Asbestos material can be exposed in the event of fire damage. At M J W, we're specialists when it comes to these kinds of scenarios and can provide a complete clean-up service.

We have been involved in numerous projects where continued suppression of exposed asbestos material was necessary prior to removal and clean-up. If this is what's required, get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss the situation.

4. Asbestos management

Once asbestos has been identified, removal is not necessarily the most practical option depending on individual circumstances.

M J W can offer a full range of options in order for asbestos to be managed in a safe way and so that the premises' duty holder can remain compliant with regulations without committing to a full removal operation.
The management process may incorporate the repair of any damage as well as the labelling of any raw asbestos material. Any leaking asbestos roofs can also be repaired and re-waterproofed with fibre-reinforced coatings.

5. Fly-tipped asbestos

Fly-tipped asbestos can be a major problem for councils, companies and landowners who find their land and property contaminated with asbestos waste that has been unlawfully disposed of. This waste can prove hazardous if not dealt with correctly. We can offer a fast and discreet clean-up of the hazardous material, followed by lawful disposal at a licensed facility.

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See why we're a leading asbestos disposal service

When it comes to asbestos disposal, you want to make sure that the company providing the service has the right credentials, the right resources and the right skill set to ensure an effective and compliant solution. As a fully licensed and fully qualified team of asbestos disposal experts, we know what we're about when it comes to the work. And if you need a closer look, why not have a glance at some of our case studies and see our work up close?

Keep your premises safe

For a free, no obligation quote on any kind of commercial asbestos removal, call our team at M J W Asbestos Removal Services in Nottingham today.

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